Four packing solutions for baby diaper manufacture

9 months ago

packing solution. is made from safe materials that are harmless to human health. Besides, the firm connection of each part greatly enhances the stability of the overall structure and effectively prevents wind, shock, and impact.

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Meilin Jiande Industry Area, Quanzhou, Fujian, China.
Product details

.1.Conveyor + Pushing Machine + Sealing Machine.

It is the oldest packing solution with a diaper machine. It is cheap in machinery part but needs professional sealing worker.

Automatic Degree: 70% manual + 30% automatic

2, Conveyor + Semi-Automatic Packing Machine

It is more convenient for work. Just normal workers with simple training can run this packing line. Will be more automatic than the first one.

Automatic Degree: 50% manual + 50% automatic

3, Stacker + Sealing Exit

Automatically arrange the diaper piece by piece and only one or two-person for sealing. Stacker will be more expensive than semi-auto packing machine and sealing machine + pushing machine.

Automatic Degree: 30% manual + 70% automatic

4, Stacker + Automatic Packing Machine

It is the most automatic packing solution of baby diaper manufacture. It will suitable in a high manufacture speed baby diaper machine. No manual in this packing line.

Automatic Degree: 0% manual + 100% automatic