Wenzhou Towin Machine Co.,Ltd
Wenzhou Towin Machine Co.,Ltd
Pròifil : As an experienced distillery equipment manufacturer since 2013. Our products include: Mash tuns Homebrew conical fermenters Fermentors, Alcohol distillation Commercial beer brewing equipment Stainless steel moonshine stills Vodka distillery Pot still distillation Home reflux distiller Gin distillation Whisky copper distiller We make boilers from 30L to 4000L or even more,jacketed or no jacket. We use FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL and 99.99% T2 COPPER. Our alcohol distillation kit is suitable for making Vodka, gin, whisky, rum, etc. Our reflux stills range from 1.5" to 12" in copper, stainless steel, and glass. We also supply distilling components, such as bubble plates, reducers, dephlegmators, condensers, coupling clamps, etc. We can make your special design into reality here! Our distillers start only from USD 600. Please tell us your budget; we will choose the best choices for your money. Call us, let`s discuss more. We are manufacture; we produce our own stills in our workshop. If you are coming to Wenzhou, please give us a call; we will pick you up at our factory, and let`s discuss face to face!
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