Shenzhen libtor Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen libtor Technology Co., Ltd.
Profile : Shenzhen libtor Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2009, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, and a leading Internet of things and data application service provider in the industry. Main 4G / 5G industrial router, 4G / 5G Internet of things gateway, charging pile, Internet of things data acquisition and control center. The company's development policy is to "create value based, product quality as the root" for customers. The company's service aim is to "reduce costs and improve efficiency" for customers. The company's vision is to "help the Internet of things, drive the world". The core products are: 1. 4G / 5G industrial router to facilitate network deployment and realize remote data transmission. 2. IOT data acquisition and control center, providing solutions for IOT applications. 3. Gateway of Internet of things, networking solutions for small projects of Internet of things. 4. Embedded wireless routing module, small size, strong function, convenient for integrated application. Our products and solutions are widely used in industrial control, new retail, agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental protection, meteorology, water conservancy, aquatic products, transportation, petrochemical, security, border defense, municipal engineering and many other fields, and play a positive role.
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