EASETOUR Sports Co., Ltd.
EASETOUR Sports Co., Ltd.
Profile : Easetour Sports Located in Shanghai, China, is a professional supplier of outdoor sports helmets. We develop and produce bike helmet, skate helmet, ski&snowboard helmet, water helmet, climbing sports helmet and other outdoor sports helmet for customers from Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Japan since 2008. From the very beginning, Easetour focuses on sports helmet industry with the goal to supply the best products with integrate professional service into the need of our customers. Our professional helmet factory has complete manufacturing equipment from CNC mould, shell forming,EPS forming,painting to product assembly. We maintain tight control on details quality and production schedules at all times, in order to ensure the highest possible standards. We adhere to strict QC process, signing the preproduction samples, checking during the production, and then inspecting before shipment. Easetour Design Studio was established in 2012 for the very purpose of providing complete design service to worldwide customers, the studio is conducted under a highly interactive, fast-paced and creative working team. we focus not only on product design but also on packaging and display as will. Easetour, Empower you with success!
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